This Is a quick high protein stack that is really simple to make poached egg with thinly sliced salmon seasoned with springs onions between a bagel.  Poached egg sounds fancy but this simple dish can be made quickly and easily, This is perfect weight loss meal that is packed with protein and healthy fats.

Ingredients needed

2 eggs

80 grams of salmon


Spring onions

Rock salt

Black Pepper

grid 3

Start by boiling your a spoiling a span of water, when thats ready take two pinches of rock salt and put into the water, take a spoon and and swirl the water, to create a steady whirl pool,  crack one egg at a time in the water, the egg should cook within 2 half mins to 3 mins, remove the poached egg with a spoon.

Lay roughly 40g of thinly sliced salmon on one bagel lay poached on the salmon add a pinch of black pepper.  Wash spring onions, and chop a handful, sprinkle on egg.

Dinner is served, eat accordingly enjoy !

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