Chicken & Quinoa

chicken b

If you are looking to an alternative high protein source, quinoa is good choice when wanting to add a little extra protein in your diet.

Ingredients needed


Okay so you have got all your ingredients ready, let start with preparing the qinoa first add 200 to 250 g of quinoa to pot of boiling water, boil for 20 mins, drain and put aside to cool down

banner chicken

Now the the veg ,I have a handy little kitchen device that allows you cut your vegetable in thin strips, the courgettes have been cut into strips in this instance, dice, three sweet peppers they can be any colour of you choice i have chosen to to go for yellow, orange and red, where going to pan fry the veg, so drizzled some olive oil on the pan, and add the pepper, let it cook of 8 mins.


remove the peppers from the pan, and add the strips the courgettes to pan and cook for 4 mins, once done remove from pan and get your chicken breast drizzle with olive oil, and add to pan and cook till done, this should take 12 to 15 mins.

Get a wooden spoon and take a large spoonful of the quinoa we have pervasively cooked, place on plate add cooked peppers on quinoa then the cooked courgettes following the chicken, dinner is served.


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