Tuna Steak & Sweet Potatoes Fries

In need for a high protein meal, got just the recipe in mind.

ingredients needed

Fresh tuna steak 250 to  300 grams

One sweet potatoes

green runner beans 100 grams

2 pinches of sesame seeds

Olive oil

over head shot


Start of by boiling a handful of runner beans that around 100 g for me that should take no longer than 5 mins to boil depending on how crunchy you want it to be, I like my a crunching and not to soft. When done place on plate, when ready to serve just rinse beans again with hot water

Now its time to make the sweet potatoes fries, peel potato, cut in half,  cut the half potato horizontally in three big slices , then cut the potato like so in fries , get a baking tray and spray oil on the surface, place fries on on the baking tray add a drizzle of olive oil shake tray so oil is spread out evenly on the fries we don’t want the fries to stick to the tray when cooked.~1432576420~sweeet potates cut

preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius, for 15 mins, place fries in oven for 30 mins, keep and eye on it until it goes to a darker shade of orange, the tips of the fries may burn a little don’ panic.

when cooked place on plate with runner beans.

Now its time to cook the tuna steak we have left this till last because it will fairly quickly.


Get your steak and add a pinch of salt to sides of the tuna steak, drizzle olive oil on the steak,

add the steak to pan

pan fry each side 4 mins till colour goes to a light brown add a pinch of of sesame seeds to the steak

Place steak on plate, dinner is served. Enjoy !


tuna steak gridtuna steak meal copy

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