Chicken Bites

This is a high protein low carb meal, that is quite easy to make

Ingredients needed arechicken bites ingridients


We are going to start by getting the salsa ready

Chop the cherry tomatoes and one small onion into small cubes

Cut the coriander finely, add a tea spoon of olive oil, mix,  add pinch of sea salt and squeeze half a lime in mixture, mix again !4

Preparing the chicken, First of all cut the chicken in slices, so that the chicken will cook quicker, season the chicken with a seasoning of your choice , in this case I have decided to use Schwartz reduced salt chicken seasoning, this is a mixture of paprika, red bell peppers, dried lemon, black pepper and parsley if you wanted you could make you own seasoning.

Rub on to all sides, then drizzle a two tea spoons of olive oil on to the chicken, mix chicken around, so oil is evenly spread out. Now that’s ready put it aside. were going to get the veg ready

Chop your sweet peppers,  and onion into small cubesWe are going to pan fry the veg so its slightly reduced , heat pan add a tea spoon of olive oil to the pan , pop the sweet peppers and onions into pan, cook for 8 mins, we only want to reduce the veg slightly.

Now we going to pan fry chicken add chicken to a separate pan, cook evenly, this should take 10 to 12 mins, add the veg we have already cooked for 8 mins into pan.

Mix chicken and veg, cook for another 4 to 6 mins

Time to make that guacamole I prefer mine to be quite simple blend to avocados, grate  one quarter of an onion into the mixture, squeeze half a  lime into mixture, and mix !

Now  you can place all the ingredients inside your pitta, I have managed to get hold of some beautiful round whole meal pitta bread, you can also chose to add lettuce to the pitta to add more veg


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