Time to step up the training


Now lets say you’ve been training for a while now, and you seem to be hitting a plateau weather that may be building muscle or loosing weight , this is inevitable, you most probably will always make vast progress when starting out, then people tend to hit a wall, now they are ways round this.


Increase The Intensity

Its time to turn it up, remember the body the adapts to your workout, more than likely you are doing the same routine, and its very easy to fall into the trap of stick to the same thing week in week out. When it comes to weight training try increasing your rep range or amount of sets, we really want to build up a sweat and exhaust those muscles, in my opinion I hate it when I’ve walked out the gym with the thought I could have gone a bit harder, which nicely which leads me onto my next point.


Try something new before during or after you workout, as as long as you try. Mixing your workout with a different exercise you may find that you use different muscle fibers in all increasing your strength,  or it may be cardio, after your session trying doing a ten minute skip, which is something that I am really into at the moment, and I find is really underrated, it gets your heart rate up all pumped I find that I skipping before my cardio sessions.

Reignite your Motivation

I find exercising is mostly down to your way of thinking, and in my opinion whatever your mind set is the body will follow. Think about what motivates you and  the reason why you started, what also helps me is talking to other like minded who maybe on higher level of fitness, ask them questions as they probably gone through what you are going through now, and know all the struggles, also follow fitness personalities on social media feeds.


Keep it up consistency is vital , its pointless stop and starting every few weeks, if your going twice a week great, step it up to four times a week, if your going three times a week go four times week, its all about taking small steps to achieve your end goal.  On another note I find it helpful to take a picture of myself every week, so you can look at past versions of yourself, very important to track your progress , sometimes you can be working out for a month or so and not think your making any progress, because you are looking at yourself all the time, I myself is guilty of this when i look back at past pictures can do a real comparison, and also identify area where I need to improve on.

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