Now pancakes for some people can be tricky, now the trick is keep it simple and timing.

Ingredients needed

225ml of milk

40g of sugar

1 egg

1 teaspoon of olive oil

125g of white flour

3/4 table spoon of baking

coconut oil

handful of blueberries

Start of by mixing all the dry ingredients together, then pour milk into separate bowl and add egg, whisk

pour liquid into into dry ingredients, and whisk, now its important to the get the mixture to a even consistency as possible, so I will blend the liquid in a blend for a minute or so to get a the lumps out, finally add blueberries


Grab a non stick pan, heat to a high heat, get a teaspoon and add a 1/4 of coconut oil to pan,

now get your pancakes to a perfect circle I have improved using this pastry cutter and I have flipped it upside down to use the circular side, a good sign to tell you the its time to flip the pancake is when you see bubbles appear



sometimes pancake mixture sticks to the sides of pastry cutter, so I’ve scored the sides so the mixture becomes free then flip the pancake.


cook the other side for another 3 to 5 mins, I cooked a few here is finished product

IMG_0639 IMG_0650 IMG_0641IMG_0652 IMG_0665 IMG_0663

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