Home made pizza

Now I’m going to show you how to make home pizza now just because it’s pizza it doesn’t have be fattening, pizzas can believe it or not be healthier than you think. And yes you’ve guessed it I like mine simple so I’m going to use minimal ingredients and not overcomplicate the recipe okay first of all you need to get all your ingredients together

Ingredients needed

White flower
10 g Yeast
See salt
Black pepper
Cherry tomatoes
Olive Oil
Tomato purée
One tin of tomato plum
One onion
1 Garlic clove
Garlic granules
Fresh Basil
15ml Milk
80 ml of warm water sugar
150 of roasted chicken

start by weighing out 220 g of plain white flour pop that in the bowl, okay now measure out 80 ml water add 20 ml of milk and then add a 10 g of yeast to the liquid add 15 g of sugar stir the liquid for a minute or so,  until everything is dissolved now for the fun part add the liquid to your flower in the separate bowl. Use your hands or a spatula and mix until it gets into really firm mixture, personally I prefer using my hands as I feel I can mix the ingredients to a better consistency





sprinkle a little of white flour onto your worktop or chopping board, you want to fold the dough like so, do this serval times, sprinkling a little flower every now and again so that the dough does not stick to the surface do this until your dough is nice and even




Place damp towel over the dough and we want to let is to rest for 1 and a half hours or so.

Let’s prepare the pizza sauce start off bye getting your tin of canned tomato and emptying the tin into a blender, you literally want to blend it for around five seconds, pour the tomato juice into a bowl and add around 150 g of tomato puree, we are going to add all the spices in now place 5g of basil, oregano ,garlic and see salt, we want some some fresh ingredients as well, so finely chop your fresh basil like so, and do the same with one clove of garlic drizzled with around 10 g of Olive Oil you should have a mixed up like this , stir the ingredients well place on the low heat on the cooker and we want it to slightly reduced the sauce , cook for around 15 minutes stirring the sauce every two minutes or so




now grab your pizza dough it should have doubled in size,IMG_0785 IMG_0786

break the dough into three equal portions

IMG_0788 IMG_0789

Break off into three equal pieces and flatten insert three small circles for the base like so grab your baking tray and sprinkle a tiny bit of flour onto the baking tray before placing the dough onto the tray get your

IMG_0792 IMG_0799

start by placing the sauce onto to the dough, do this in a circular motion to ensure the sauce is equally spread out


IMG_0810 IMG_0814

tear chicken into small pieces and place onto onto the dough , chop your onions into small tiny cubes and sprinkle onions on the pizza, chop your cherry tomatoes into quarters and place.

Pre-heat oven to 200° for 10 minutes before placing pizzas in the oven Cook pizzas for 30 to 35 minutes keep an eye on the pizzas we want it to be lightly browned on the edges of the pizza we do not want to start burning the edges

Take pizza out of oven and place desired amount of rocket and garnish with black pepper.. And drizzle with olive oil Dinner is served ,a low-fat high-protein pizza without any of the added fat boom. enjoy !

IMG_0840 IMG_0850 IMG_0858 IMG_0869 IMG_0876

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