How it all started



What working out has done for me

For me when I am working out, it’s that 1 hour where my mind is clear, and I leave what ever is going on in my life out the window, I switch my phone to airplane mode so I get no calls, and I put my gym my playlist on, then I am in my zone, its like daily detox for me if i’ve had a stressful day at work I put all the aggression into lifting wights or doing cardio, when I think about it now the gym has never let me down, you put in the work and you always reap the benefits of looking great and most importantly feeling better which is why most people start a healthier lifestyle. Working out has given me confidence to be the person I am today, and when I don’t go for a period of time it actually feels weird.

In this blog piece I want to talk about how I got into fitness and briefly what motivates me, back when I was in secondary school, I was always quite skinny back then I didn’t eat healthy I didn’t even really know what healthy was I remember the days of snacking on cookies literally for the whole day maybe a packet of crisps and a can of Coke ,moving onto college I was still quite skinny and I had a baby face which I hated, and I felt being a skinny person you where slightly invisible. I would often look at guys who were taller bigger and it just seemed they had a lot more confidence, and I thought if I worked out a little I would be more confident I was 17 or 18 years of age went I first set foot a gym and was apprehensive about lifting weights at first because I would always hear people saying it will stunt your growth, anyways I started my first membership and joined the first four weeks was a mixture of excitement and fantasising  what I was going to look like. When it came to the gym floor I fully admit I didn’t have a clue what I was doing I remember sticking mostly to the machines and didn’t really touch the free weights, when it came to my diet I remember me trying to reach eleven stone that was my target I think at the time I must have weighed maybe around just nine stone I did that through eating copious amounts of pasta and protein shakes which is something I do not recommend anyone doing,as it’s not the healthiest way to put on mass but I was a beginner and after a few months I reached 11 stone and I thought right I need a new goal which was get to thirteen stone by this time now people could see that was putting on a bit of mass, and I was getting some positive comments every now and then. I was in first year uni so I’d spent a good two years doing more or less the same gym routine, my next thoughts was to really wanna try to put on some muscle on , as I found I looked quite soft, so I started looking at magazines such as Menshealth and I was like yes that is exactly what I want to look like, there was some good tips and could regimes and it was a good starting base for knowledge. Soon after started to look into more into more on improving my diet eating more nutrient dense foods this was real turning point for me as I was seeing the change in my body plus I felt better. So that’s a little background on why I started.

What keeps me motivated ?

Looking back on photos of what I used to look like is great reminder, when you are looking at yourself everyday it can be easily forgotten what you once looked like. Talking to like minded people, with a similar goal to yours, also you might find its beneficial when working our together.
Mindset remembering why I started, thinking about the progress that I have made, if stop I wouldn’t want to lose all the progress I made.
Wanting to better myself overtime I hit the gym, I am not into personal bests but when it comes to building muscle I fully believe in progressive overload which simply just means increasing the weight over time to cause stress on the muscles so every work out you are making small improvement

Being positive is a great motivator where the mind is the body will follow as it stands now sometimes I don’t feel like going to the gym sometimes but I find it’s those times when you’re not feeling to go, it’s after jam thankful, there’s noting worst, when its gone the end of the day and you’re sitting there thinking you could have gone to the gym. Before a workout I listen to music helps it tends to get me in the zone also and also watching inspirational YouTube videos and workouts often gets me pumped


  1. very inspiring, I feel the same way on days where I don’t want to go run and do it anyways, never regretted them!


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