More hours spent in the gym is better?

Now whenever I talk to about length of time it is often a misconception that you must spend hours in the gym, my answer is simple, realistically to start off with I would say three to four times week and to start off with 40 minutes to an hour, when you get more familiar with the gym that could increase to one hour. The key is to keep up the intensity while working out. Four example when I’m in the gym I never slow down I always try to keep up the pace, I often visualize what exercises I need to do next so I’m on standing about wondering which machine to go to. What you’ll find is, if slow down and relax for three minutes or so your heart rate slows down, and you might start to feel a bit sluggish when doing the next set, whereas before you was pumped up and ready to go

Do I need to consume a copious amount of protein shakes to put on muscle?

The answer is not necessarily and it all depends on your lifestyle when I say lifestyle I mean are you able to cook if the answer is yes then no you do not need protein shakes protein shakes and we produced as a supplement to aid in your fitness regime it should not be used as a replacement for a meal but just to supplement your diet

Having a protein shake after a workout?

People say that there is an hour window that you need to take a protein shake after a workout because your muscles work will absorb the protein quicker this isn’t true whether you get your protein shake in the morning afternoon or in the evening it doesn’t actually really matter after you finished the gym your body is essentially burning fat and the nutrients in your system I would still prefer to have a piece of fruit such as banana or some pineapples just to replace all the simple sugars in your system which you have exhausted during your workout. On the other hand if you do not need to cook and you have a busy lifestyle I would say yes protein shakes with the added benefit because I know how it is when you work in the office busy lifestyle sometimes when I’m always able to make for girls but I would always suggest making meals if you can but I wouldn’t have a shake to replace my meal in the long-term

How much protein do I need to consume?

There is a common rule in the fitness community which is per pound of your body weight equals to 1g of protein for example if a person weighs 183lb, their intake of protein should be 183g personally I think this is too high and for men, I would take a quarter off that amount and for women and half it. Also, bear in mind how much protein the body can actually process in one sitting, which is around 20 g protein.

Do I need to lift heavy weights to build muscle?

The answer is yes eventually yes you will need to lift heavy to build muscle all comes down to your body adapting, during the gym you’re putting the body under stress you are breaking down the muscle fibers so then when they re-grow ,they grow back stronger, therefore, having bigger muscles, but that is not to say you cannot build muscle using moderate weights, you would just need to increase the rep range, but your limited to how much you can grow

Because I workout every day it means I will lose weight?

Not necessarily when you think about it when the amount of time you are in the gym as a percentage against the whole day is not a lot, hour a day out of the twelve-hour day. Realistically your weight loss should primarily come down to your actual diet, exercise in should aid your weight loss whenever I am cutting I always introduce my cardio just to always ensure that I am in the calorie deficit

Can I lose fat in certain areas such as my belly first?

I’m afraid to say it, guys, you cannot spot reduced fat you can’t say right I need to lose fat on my arms or I want to lose fat in my belly, fat is an overall thing and when you lose fat your body takes it from where ever it can, there is a rule of thumb I have, the first place where you put on fat is probably going to be the last place where you will lose it and for most people it is, so get ready for the long hall. If you want to see your abs the best way has good diet and sit ups will help the shape of them and make them pop when flexing, but ultimately go need you reduce your fat percentage.

Do sports drinks help during workouts?

When you actually look at ingredients of a sports drink it is largely full of sugar and maybe caffeine sure they may look healthy and they may have added vitamins but at the end of the day good old-fashioned water is the best for rehydrating yourself

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