Why I reduced my sugar

Now let’s go back before I started working I never was really bothered about the amount of sugar I was consuming I was going through packets of sweets crisps and chocolate like there was no tomorrow I called it mindlessly snacking I would often get headaches always feeling tired and was always looking for my next sugar hit.

The main reason why I cut out sugar is because I used to get bad migraines and I would always feel tired. After consulting with my doctor after a long discussion we concluded it was down to the amount of sugar that I was consuming, I then thought right I am going to clean up my diet.

Some of the products I would consume on a daily basis was sweets, cookies and fizzy drinks, in addition, I loved a copious amount of ketchup which I know is ladened with sugar.

The first step was to remove all temptation out of my food cupboards these were products that were processed and what I deemed high in sugar items such biscuits, tomato ketchup and crisps.

Initially cutting out fizzy drinks and cookies was relatively quite easy my real struggle came cutting out the sweets as it was a regular ritual of mine after a meal I would have a packet of sweets as a dessert. This was made even worse as whenever I would step into a food store and there would be a whole wall of them staring at me screaming at me saying buy me.

My first couple of weeks was a complete right off I would start the day of thinking right I am going to do this and it would be fine up until midday, but then I would get my cravings and just give in. When I got real serious and actually went cold turkey I experienced temporary withdrawal symptoms, which lasted around three days, which were headaches, being irritable, and aches. This will vary from person to person.

Once this passes I found that I generally had more energy I could sleep better and most importantly I lost the cravings for sweet products. How did I do this you ask?

Well, it’s simply sticking to whole foods in the morning instead of having a cereal switch to porridge. Instead of snacking on chocolate and crisps why not try nuts or a bowl of mixed fruit.

It all about making healthier choices and is what I call damage control. By now you’re probably asking by now why is too much sugar so detrimental to our health.

What is sugar?

Sugar is the crystallised sucrose extracted either from sugar cane or sugar beets this is usually done by boiling the sugar cane and sugar beets it is then it is boiled down to remove all the moisture in other words its refined and effectively what we doing is taking out the sucrose out of the plant so we are taking sugar out of if natural state and when this is consumed into body it gives you an immediate hit of energy as the body will use this form of energy immediately rather than carbohydrates or fat, with the leftover sugar the body cannot process the pancreas produces insulin to bring your sugar levels down, and insulin is the fat-producing hormone. The body then stores it as fat to use as energy for a later time and there lies the problem. There is never a later because we always consuming such high-calorie foods and unless you live a very active lifestyle which most people don’t because we are in an office all day which leads us to slowly gain weight.

The problem is people don’t actually realise how they are consuming The average person consumes 70g to 80g of sugar per day it is 10 times the amount we were taking a century ago.

For most people cutting out all sugar is almost impossible, but you can always make smarter choices to reduce the amount you consume.

My advice is to be strict with yourself during the week opt to drink water don’t give in to eating the snack in office and on the weekends enjoy yourself a little.

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