Wholefood’s worth the price or not ?


Wholefoods are an American food chain specialising in organic products. They have 9 stores in the UK and I visited the Piccadilly branch.

Upon entering the store, you defiantly do not get the sense that the store is part of a chain, after looking around the visual merchandising of the store does a great job of giving the store an independent vibe this did tickle my excitement as I am not fond of the mundane repetitive environment of a tradition supermarket chain.

I then was hit by a concoction of different smells as the was a prepared food area, divided into two parts, one half self-service where you fill a container for a fixed price which is what I opted for and the second half where you were served food such a deli, an ethnic restaurant, burger joint, pizza joint, BBQ shack, sushi or seafood bar, raw foods bar, taco bar, salad bar, sandwich bar just to name a few. To accompany your meal, you could also have a fruit or veg juice made. After making your hot food purchase, you can either sit outside or sit in the upstairs eating area,


Apart from the prepared food was the bakery, which had a selection of bread loaves among some very sweet desserts. This is the only part of the store, which I felt contradicted the brand’s image as a healthy place to eat or shop.


Moving away from the prepared food I walked over to the veg and fruit which was beautifully presented in a manner where it just looked like it was bulging of the shelf. I quickly noticed there were fruit and veg that you would defiantly not see in a normal supermarket such as dragon fruit.


I quickly moved on to the other aisle and it had a holland and Barrett feel if I were to compare it to another high street retailer, but obliviously the products are at the premium price range here are a few products I decided to test.IMG_7730IMG_7727IMG_7724IMG_7643

At the back of the store, there was selection of cheeses and wines

In all, I would say the average person could not do their everyday shopping here, but it definitely makes a change to my shopping. So if you happen to pass one it worth going in and trying a few products.

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