New year new start

It’s that time of the year again when the majority of people are all saying the same thing such as new year new start, There’s nothing wrong with this in my eyes, but why wait until the new year to press the reset button. I think you should say to yourself every three or four months, where I am I at in life? Am I happy with my career? Do want to lose some weight for the holiday that I ‘ve got coming up? Or are you wanting to kick your smoking habit?

In this blog post, I want to give you a few random ideas you might want to think about not only just for the new year but every few months these pointers can be taken into consideration

Kick out the clutter
I admit to being a victim of hoarding too much clutter and when I have a good clean out I find it quite funny the things I’ve kept in a random box. I guess my thought process is that I am always going to need it at some point in my life. which most definitely not always the case . Just the sight of decluttering can be refreshing an organised and spacious living environment equals a clear mind. Break down the mess into chunks. Start of by one cupboard at a time. When deciding on whether to throw it out or not think have needed this in the last year.

Change your routine.
It’s very easy to get caught up in following the masses and do the same thing day in day out. Take up a hobby, join the gym or decide to finally learn that language you have never got round to doing. You will find that you will generally become more productive.

Avoid Comparison
Now especially with the explosion of social media, I find even myself have succumbed to looking at the lives of others who seemly paint this lifestyle of glamour and success. What most people fail to remember is that people only post images or videos of what they want you to see. Very important to remember that. Being confident within yourself is one step towards happiness. Put every into perspective and think about what matters to you and concentrate on that.

Be optimistic
Research shows that optimistic people experience less stress and anxiety and being not optimistic can lead to a rise in this. I know it can be hard when life isn’t quite going your way to be optimistic, but it’s good to start recognising what is working well for you and how you can build on this. Try to focus on the bigger picture rather than minute factors, and most importantly surround yourself with positive people.


  1. skatergrrrl says:

    Yes, surrounding with positive people is the most important to avoid getting demotivated! That’s why I started my blog – I just don’t know anyone in my day-to-day life who’s as committed to self-improvement as I am.


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