Now we all know when going a gym it can be really daunting, but there’s no reason to be fearful as I’ve said before taking that initial step is great but its sticking to it is another question, here’s just a few pointers just to get you started

Ask Questions

When going to the gym floor for the first time it can be a bit of a fright, but there is people to help in gyms, often they offer a 1 hour induction to show you around the equipment and how to use it safely. Personal trainers are also scream offering free 1 hour personal training sessions, which is a good way to ask some questions from someone who knows what they are talking about


If you find running or weight training boring, classes is another way to get started, its enjoyable and also your in a room with like minded people, which I find when working out it does wonders for your motivation


Staying focused and consistent is one of the most important factors in my eyes, I see it so many times where I have a friend,that wants to get in fitness, and they come with me for the first week, and they realise how hard it can be, also if you are new to the gym, after the first week or so people often get aches in their muscles, which puts people off, remember your body is highly resilient and adaptable, when under stress for short amounts of time the body will learn how to cope and be more stronger for the next work out

Eat Breakfast

Not much to be said here but eating a healthy breakfast in morning is very important, and this does not consist of a croissant and a cup of hot chocolate it needs to be something preferably low in sugar, such as a bowl or porridge,check out my super porridge recipe for directions, have a breakfast like this will stabalisie your sugar levels, which promotes your body less likely to produce fat. Also this will lead you less likely to snack throughout the day, an having a big lunch.

Smaller Meals Throughout The Day

This again helps against snacking on the wrong stuff as you are eating more regularly .  This also boosts calorie burning, improving for your body efficiency to burn your food as energy. It makes it easier to for the body to digest what you actually need, if you tend to eat a large heavy meal, the body will tend to store the excess energy as fat.

Don’t Eat The Cookie

We are snack obsessed , and especially if you work on a desk where you are not mobile as the average human should be, this is just asking for trouble. If you can’t put down the snacks yet and go cold turkey try healthier alternative such as nuts or fruit or dried fruit.  These changes will be hell at first because you body will be having with drawl symptoms, but give it a week or two your mood will start getting better the headaches will go, and you will feel less depend on the sugar high.



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