Getting start into healthy eating and Fitness maybe dawnting to some so here’s just a few tips to get you started


I am a big advocate for getting as much fruit and veg into your diet, juicing or getting a blender is a great way to start getting more fruit and veg .

I would say start of by getting a Juicer is a great way to start as you mat not be used to the texture if you where to blend and the taste but eventually  would say make the transition  and get yourself a blender of some sort as you get all the fibre, which is lost when juicing as nature intended


Do your research, plan not to fail .Plan your fitness ragime and plan what you are going to eat at least a night before I always find i am more likely to pig out when I have forgotten to make lunch so I am more than likely to go and buy something I know that may not be necessary the best item of food to eat

Sleep zzzz

Its soo important to get a decent amount of sleep. Its when your sleeping your body is  regenerating.

Your way of thinking

Do mental gymnastics, I find visualisation helps when its comes to eating my meals or planing to go gym. Try to picture what your going to eat or exercise and think about the benefits for a minute may sound silly but trust me if your mind is in the right place the body will follow


Lets be realistic giving up all snacking on sugary foods is going to be a gradual, if your serious. Take small steps, as your more likely to stick to it,for example cut out all fizzy drinks for the first month then chocolate the second and eventually all high sugar content foods.

Foods that I eat on a weekly basis

I alternate between of olive oil and coconut oil, 70% of the time I use olive oil . I would suggest getting the spray version as it minimalises the temptation of exsesive use

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  1. Jennifer Brown says:

    wonderful suggestions and excellent ideas especially about fizzy drinks


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